Hergo: the problem-solving portable restroom


We have looked at how users, particularly female ones, tend to use portable toilets. We discovered that by improving and customizing the inclination of both tank and seat we could make things much easier. And that’s exactly what we did.

Limited contact

Entering a portable toilet, the one thing users want is to limit direct contact with its surfaces. The dense traffic of bacteria in parks, at concerts or at sports events, fully justifies this worry and made us develop a larger cabin complete with coat hanger, hand sanitizer, and a large, foot operated flush pedal.


The average time men spend in a portable toilet is 57 seconds. The average time a woman spends in the same place is a staggering 3.39 minutes. This depends on the difficulties ladies encounter adapting to a shape of toilet so foreign to their own. With Hergo, we turned the paradigm onto its head, creating a portable toilet that adapts to users instead.

Ergonomic Tank and Seat

Ergonomics is the science that guide manufacturers to adapt a product’s shape around human experience. We have studied how users, women in particular, tend to use portable restrooms, and discovered the many physical challenges they have to face so as not to come into close contact with their surfaces. Hergo is the result of this study: a portable restroom that is comfortable, hygienic, and easy to use.

A more spacious portable restroom

Shaping and positioning the tank in portable restrooms has always been the key to solve problems linked to limited space. That’s why We have carved two inches there where the legs are usually positioned so as to allow for a wider range of touch less movements.

Inclined seat

The body’s posture takes using a portable restroom has very specific coordinates, which we have studied and taken into account as the blueprint for the design of Hergo’s original seat, carved to follow user’s movements in the most natural and comfortable manner.


Portable restrooms and the science of angles

With Hergo, we wanted to create an innovative product designed around its users’ need. For this reason, we have studied at length the way in which women in particular have traditionally adapted to portable restrooms, and discovered that understanding angles and inclination would have been the key to a more comfortable experience.

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Hergo: a contact free portable restroom

Perhaps the greatest concern related to the use of public toilets is that they might be unsanitary and unsafe. That’s why users want to come into close contact with as little surfaces as possible, particularly with those areas deemed as red.

Don’t Touch, and go: the Hergo solution

The perception of this risk influences the way in which users, particularly women, approach portable restrooms: unsteadily hovering above the seat, trying to avoid as much contact as possible. To help them in what is traditionally seen as a fairly exhausting endeavor, we have introduced a comfortable handle right on the door for increased stability.

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The large handle on the door for extra support

Hergo users will find it much easier to maintain a comfortable distance from the seat and the tank by holding on to the large handle in front of them.

Foot-operated flush pump

Foot-operated flush pump

By adopting a foot operated system, Hergo allows users to flush without having to touch any unwanted surface in the cubicle.

Reduced time

Open-air gatherings, concerts, sport events: a long line at the portable restrooms can easily ruin a beautiful day outside. By making things easier, Hergo promises to shorten the average time spent in it.

A faster, better experience.

Women in particular tend to have a harder time dealing with public restrooms because of the way in which they are shaped. Studies have in fact shown that it takes a single female user an average of 3.39 minutes to use a portable toilet, while it takes men 57 seconds only.

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Hergo's features

Weight empty

76 Kg / 167.5 lbs

Tank capacity

180 lt / 47.5 gal approx.

Seat height

51 cm / 20 inches

Internal dimensions (L/D/H)

100 x 100 x 212 cm
39.3 x 39.3 x 83.4 inches

External dimensions (L/D/H)

106 x 106 x 233 cm
41.7 x 41.7 x 91.7 inches

Number of uses


Material used

High density grade 4 polyethilene. Anti UV Treatment

Hergo comes in two versions:
Drop Tank

Using gravity as a flushing system, this traditional configuration allows for 230 uses thanks to its wide tank positioned right under the seat, which is kept dry and clean thanks to a spring lid.

Re-circulating Flushing System with Foot Pump

Thanks to this configuration, flushing happens thanks to a foot pump that recirculates fresh water after it has been cleaned and filtered. Water mixed with sanification liquid is then used to freshen up the portable restroom after each use.


Hergo’s innovative design makes it the perfect, fast and hygienic solution for all those occasions in which portable restrooms are required: from concerts and sport games, to parks and beaches.


Every Hergo Portable Restroom comes equipped with standard accessories such as a capacious toilet paper holder and a coat hook. The addition of optional accessories will contribute to make each user’s experience all the more comfortable.

Standard Accessories

Optional and Tools

Portable Restrooms shaped around you