Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are text files saved on your computer that contain your activity on a given website.
Our website offers you better browsing with the cookies enabled, as thanks to them we get to know your preferences when you come back and surf on our site again, moreover, they allow us to identify and solve any errors or malfunctioning.

Additional information about you will only be memorised with your explicit consent, for example, when you decide to activate a demo.

In no way can cookies cause damage to your computer, apart from which, we make a very careful selection of our third-party suppliers who can set up cookies for marketing purposes.

Cookies used on ARMAL

Session State Cookies

These cookies are strictly necessary as they allow you to navigate inside the website and use all the functions, such as access to private areas.

Technical tracking Cookies

These cookies are only used for statistical purposes. We use the Analytics service offered by Google Inc. on our website.

Sharing Cookies
The providers of the sharing tool implemented on the website may install first-party cookies. These are considered as belonging to third parties and for the relative privacy policies reference must be made to the informative note of each party:
Profiling Cookies

We do not use any profiling cookies.

Refuse consent to cookies

You may refuse consent to the processing of your personal data by the cookies in the different ways indicated by the Guarantor.

How to block third-party cookies

You can refuse third-party cookies by using the relative function on your browser.

Do not track option or anonymous surfing

You can activate the “do not track” option or “anonymous surfing” found on all last-generation browsers.  It must be noted that not all websites are set up to respect the “do not track” option and “anonymous surfing” does not however guarantee anonymity on the internet since its function is only that of not keeping the navigation data inside the browser itself.

Remedying cookies
Every browser allows you to eliminate the cookies and some of them even allow you to automate this operation. Following are the links to the user guidelines of the most common browsers: We must remind you however, that refusal of cookies could compromise the correct functioning of your navigation on this website.