Speed, ergonomics, hygiene,all in a portable restroom

Hergo has been especially designed to improve ergonomics, to reduce contact with the toilet’s tank and seat, and to save precious time. Hergo is not just a portable restroom. It is a new, more relaxed restroom experience.

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Innovation-shaped Tank

A portable restroom’s limited space should not prevent users to feel comfortable and at ease. That’s why we have taken a good look at all the possible ways to maximize space, and have come up with a newly shaped tank that allows for a wider range of movement.

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35 Degrees

100 % Comfort

35°: that is, the angle at which most female users tend to hover over the seat of a portable restroom. The study of this posture inspired the creation of Hergo’s new seat, aimed at reducing contact and at allowing for more freedom of movement.

HERGO, Portable toilets made easy

The portable toilet for women, and everybody else

Hergo offers an effective alternative to traditionally shaped portable restrooms, which historically have challenged female users due to their rigid design. Contact, time, and a more comfortable position are not just female problems: indeed, our research shows that all users often share the same concerns.

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Improved Ergonomics

The new tank and seat have been designed to reduce the physical effort and discomfort associated with the use of portable restrooms.

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Reduced contact

Minimizing contact with unhygienic surfaces is key to a stress-free experience. That’s why Hergo has been designed with freedom of movement in mind.

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Portable restrooms are a familiar sight at concerts, or games. But so are long queues. Thanks to its shape and accessories, Hergo offers a faster restroom experience to all.

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Portable Restrooms shaped around you